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When a business depends on the availability of its network, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is crippling. The cyber attack can cause loss of profits, damaged reputation, reduced productivity, downtime costs, and in some cases, the attackers may even charge extortion fees to cease the attack. DDoS attacks have been a prominent threat to networks for nearly a decade. More recently, these attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and destructive with the evolution of new application layer variants. Today's application layer DDoS attacks fly under the radar of conventional DDoS detection schemes and can exhaust local server resources without showing up on the bandwidth consumption screen.

The new attack methodologies have caused an insurgence of concern for providing proactive protection. According to a 2011 report from VeriSign, 63% of midsize to large organizations say they suffered at least one DDoS attack in the past year, and 11% reported six or more attacks. There is a high awareness of DDoS, with approximately 70% of respondents saying they plan to deploy a DDoS defense solution in the next 12 months.

Corero's and RioRey's DDoS Defense System is Snoork Hosting's newest product family leveraging its award winning DDoS Defense Technology, designed to deliver non-disruptive protection against constantly evolving threats. It provides maximum protection for critical IT assets while allowing full access to legitimate users and applications. The purpose-built Tilera multicore processor architecture provides real-world protection at real-world performance levels.

DDoS Protection Hardware

Emerging Threats
The primary objectives for attacks used to be bragging rights and recognition of hacking skills. Today, the attacks are being launched for financial gain, criminal intent, and cyber-terror. Organized crime is now enlisting the aid of and incorporating the techniques of hackers for criminal intent such as identity theft, online fraud, and extortion. Real time cyber-crime attacks are now listed as the FBI's third highest priority, behind terrorism and espionage.

Recently a national government suffered a 15 Gbps DDoS attack motivated by political ideals. In another incident, a bank's web site was attacked for two days. During this time, its individual customers couldn't access their accounts, and a large merchant was not able to process financial transactions. The Internet's infrastructure has even been a target, when an attack was directed at the root name servers, those servers at the core of the service translating web and other internet addresses into their numeric equivalents.

There are three main classes of external threat to a company's network that need to be addressed. Firewalls have been around for decades and are required to prevent undesired access to a company's network. Intrusion Prevention Systems came next, protecting against attackers exploiting weaknesses in communications that are allowed, those not blocked by the firewall. Neither of these, however, protects against the overuse, or flooding, of available services during a DDoS attack.

Comprehensive DDoS Defense

Snoork Hosting's DDoS Defense System provides a DDoS Optimized implementation of its proven Three Dimensional Protection (3DP). 3DP starts with the core of the Corero's and RioRey's DDoS Defense Technology, its patented DDoS Defense algorithm, and extensive rate-based protection mechanisms. Next firewall filtering provides an essential component of DDoS defense, and finally, its Demerit Score-based Requestor Behavioral Analysis is used to provide application layer DDoS Defense. Together, these three dimensions of protection enable the DDoS Defense System to mitigate:
  • TCP SYN Flood Attacks
  • TCP ACK Flood Attacks
  • UDP Flood Attacks
  • ICMP Flood Attacks
  • Port Flood Attacks
  • HTTP GET Attacks
  • HTTP POST Attacks
  • DNS Infrastructure Attacks
  • Connection Based Attacks
DDoS Network

Robust Protection
Snoork Hosting's purpose-built Tilera multicore processor architecture, featuring Gigabit speed TopInspect deep packet inspection algorithms, provides real-world protection at real-world performance levels. To properly protect networks and critical online assets from today's threats. Snoork Hosting delivers high levels of inline protection at industry leading performance levels while minimizing latency, a critical factor when deploying security devices in a network. Corero's and RioRey's DDoS Defense System includes capacity to handle throughputs from 100 Mbit/sec to 20 Gbit/sec.
  • Basic DDoS Protection: 1 Gbps + 1 Million PPS
  • Professional DDoS Protection: 4 Gbps + 4 Million PPS
  • Enterprise DDoS Protection: 10 Gbps + 10 Million PPS
  • Enterprise Plus DDoS Protection: 20 Gbps + 20 Million PPS
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